Our Technology

Senstronics thin film electronic strain gauge

Electronic strain gauges produce very linear and predictable output signals over temperature. This allows Senstronics to manufacture inherently stable and accurate sensor elements in high volume and at low cost.

Benefits of thin film technology;

  • Long term stability
  • Predictable performance over temperature
  • No oil filling required
  • Capable of high volume manufacture
  • Signal linearity

Senstronics Technology


Senstronics pressure sensing elements are manufactured in an on site, custom designed, class 100 clean room using some of the most advanced automated machine tools available. Senstronics has successfully utilised semi-conductor technologies in the manufacturing of high volume thin film pressure sensors delivering a unique technology for automotive, industrial and off highway markets.



A commitment to long term stability and measurement accuracy has resulted in a manufacturing process called TCAS which simply means ‘Thermal Compensation at Source’. TCAS hand in hand with Senstronics element technology called ThermotecTM ensure that sensing elements leaving the clean room for final assembly have been manufactured to an accuracy of less than 0.005%/degree C.

The benefits of a thermally compensated signal directly from the sensing element are improved accuracy and simplified conditioning electronics.

It also eliminates the need for calibration over elevated temperatures as a transducer. 


Custom designed ASIC

As well as significant investment in the clean room and sensing element Senstronics has developed its own high performance signal conditioning ASIC. This has been specifically designed to maximise the potential of the thin film sensing technology and has the flexibility to meet the foreseeable needs of future customers.


Our Technology

The combined technology of TCAS and Thermotec TM allow Senstronics to produce thermal accuracy levels of 0.005%/degreesC.

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